Windows 11 PC users can now control their Android phones via Copilot


Microsoft has introduced a new feature in its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot service, Copilot, that allows users to… Control your Android 14 device directly from your Windows 11-based PC or laptop via Phone LinkAccording to a new report windows latest,

Control your Android phone via Copilot

Windows 11 PC users can now control their Android phones via Copilot
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For those who don’t know, Phone Link is a Windows service that allows you to connect your iPhone and Android devices to your Windows PC or laptop, making it easier to access your phone from your computer. This Windows app can be downloaded to your Android device from the Google Play Store.

Previously, Microsoft’s Phone Link app only allowed users to read specific text messages on their Android devices. But a new feature added as a server-side update to Copilot’s Phone Link plugin will now let Android users read text messages on their phones. Access contacts, search phone numbers saved in your phonebook, send and receive messages, set alarms and even make calls from your desktop,

Manage Windows 11 Android PhoneManage Windows 11 Android Phone
Credit: windowslatest

To use the service, you need to connect your Windows 11 PC or laptop to your Android 14 smartphone via the Phone Link app. To do this, visit Copilot web ( on your web browser, open the Copilot hamburger menu, click “Plugins” and turn on “Phone Link”.

Once activated, you can ask Copilot to show you recent text messages from your Android smartphone. It will instantly fetch the latest text messages from your Android device in about a minute due to the different connection steps.

Currently, this new feature is in beta phase and is only available to those who have enrolled in the Copilot beta program. There is no timeline on when this feature will be rolled out to the general public.


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