WhatsApp introduces context cards to enhance security for new group members


WhatsApp on Tuesday rolled out a new feature designed to improve the security of its group messaging feature. The Meta-owned messaging platform will now show users relevant information when they are added to a group by an unknown user. The feature is designed to provide WhatsApp users with relevant information about the group they have been added to, as well as a shortcut to exit the group. The service already offers a setting that allows users to prevent strangers from adding them to groups.

WhatsApp Group Security Reference Card

As per details shared on Tuesday, WhatsApp is rolling out a new card for group chats that will be displayed once a user is added to a group that is not in their contacts. This card is shown in the chat window and contains information about the group that will provide users with context about the group.

The new context card for group chats will prominently feature the name of the WhatsApp user who added them to the group. A sample screenshot showing the feature in action shows that the card displays the name set by the user – the name that is shown with the tilde symbol (~) when an unknown user sends a message in a group chat.

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WhatsApp’s new Group Context Cards are now available to users globally
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Users will also be notified that they have been added to the group “by a non-contact.” The reference card will also show the new member the name of the user who created the group. The name, of course, will depend on what the creator of the group has added to their WhatsApp settings.

If a user has been added to a group they don’t want to be a part of, the context card includes a message safety device Option to report problematic content. Users will also see an option Exit the group Hit the Skip button if they don’t want to be part of the conversation.

WhatsApp’s existing group security measures

Back in 2019, WhatsApp introduced an easier option Adjustment , Account , Privacy , Group This allows users to prevent strangers from adding them to a group through the app’s privacy settings. When enabled, users will receive an invitation to join the group when someone outside of their contact list tries to add them to a group.

After a user is invited to a group, they have three days to accept it, after which it expires. The invitation appears as a direct message, and users aren’t added to the group until they tap join group Click the button. This may be the best option for users who want to avoid being automatically added to groups by unknown users, while still being given the option to join after viewing the details of the group and some of its members.

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