We’ve spent hours reading and these are our favorite e-readers


I love a lot A paperback book that I can turn over, touch, smell, and put on my bookshelf after reading. But there’s no doubt that ebook readers (also called e-readers) make life easier – they probably even motivate you to read more. E-readers let you carry thousands of books or dozens of audiobooks on a single, thin, rectangular tablet; they have paper-like screens that are comfortable on the eyes; and they won’t bother you with distracting notifications. Books can also be expensive and take up a lot of space, but that’s not a problem with ebooks. Even better, you can borrow digital books from the library without leaving your house.

Naturally, when you hear “e-reader,” you probably think of the Kindle. Amazon makes the best ebook reader, which is why we have a separate Best Kindle guide that breaks down the entire lineup. But if you don’t want to support Amazon or you just want different features, there are some Kindle alternatives. WIRED’s gear team has studied these tablets for months, or even years — these are our favorites.

Updated in June 2024: We’ve added the latest Lenovo reading tablet to the Nook.

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How we test e-readers

The most important thing we do when testing e-readers is read on them! We spend hours reading a mix of books downloaded directly from the brand’s store and books downloaded from our local libraries via Overdrive/Libby. If there are additional features, such as commenting on books or separate notebook sections for writing and drawing, we spend a few more hours using those devices, while also keeping an eye on how long the battery lasts.


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