Today’s NYT Strands Hints, Answers & Help for July 9 #128


Strands doesn’t get as much attention as its New York Times game siblings Wordle and Connections, but it can be just as challenging and entertaining. Strands just came out of beta, so it’s now in the New York Times’ official game app, which could lead to it gaining even more fans. I go into detail about the rules of Strands in this story.

If you’re reading this, you probably need some help solving the Strands puzzle, so that’s why we’re here. Warning: Scrolling too far, too fast will result in spoilers.

Want more answers? The answer for today’s Wordle is here, and the answers for today’s Connection are here.

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Hint for today’s Strands puzzle

Today’s Strands topic is: Now on display.

But if that doesn’t help you, here’s a hint: think of MoMA or the Louvre.

Clue words to unlock hints in the game

Your goal is to find the hidden words that match the puzzle’s theme. If you’re stuck, just search for any word. Every time you find three words with four or more letters, Strands will reveal one of the themed words. These are the words I used to get those clues, but any four-letter words you find will work:

  • bucket, pan, grate, rate, pet, peat, cen, pine, tier, tine, paint, pain, pint.

Today’s Strands Puzzle Answers

These are the answers that are connected to the theme. The goal of the puzzle is to find them all, including the spangram, a theme word that reaches from one side of the puzzle to the other. When you find them all (I initially thought there were always eight but found out the number can vary), every letter on the board will have been used. Here are the nonspangram answers:

  • Murals, collages, paintings, sculpture, lithographs.

Today’s Strands Spangram

Today’s Strands is Spangram Art Museum. To write it, start with A, which is three letters down from the far left, and work your way up and down.

July 9 The puzzle grid for the strands is complete. July 9 The puzzle grid for the strands is complete.

Admire the art.

Screenshot: Gail Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

How to Play NYT Strands

1. Use today’s theme to find words related to that theme. Did you spot a word? Drag or click the letters in order. Click the last letter twice to submit your guess. If you’ve found a theme word, it will glow blue and stay that way.

2. The other words you find are considered hint words that give you clues about the theme words. Find three hint words (they must have at least four letters each), and the game will reward you by showing you the theme word. But if you can’t unscramble it, find three more hint words and the game will highlight the letters of the theme word in order.

3. For hunting SpangramA special theme word that covers the whole puzzle, although it may flow from top to bottom or from bottom to top. It summarizes the puzzle theme.

4. When you are finished, you will have used every letter on the board in a theme word or spangram. The theme words fill the entire board and do not overlap.


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