Today’s NYT Connection Hints, Answers & Help June 17, #372


Need answers to the June 17 New York Times Connections puzzle? To me, Wordle is more of a vocabulary test, but Connections is more of a brain puzzle. You’re given 16 words and asked to put them into four groups that are connected in some way. Sometimes they’re obvious, but game editor Waynea Liu knows how to trick you by using words that fit into more than one group.

And do you also play Wordle? We also have today’s Wordle answers and hints.

We also have today’s answer for a new game, Strands of the Times, which is still in beta, and some tips for playing that game.

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Hints for today’s connection groups

Here are four hints for the groups in today’s connection puzzle, ranked from the easiest, the yellow group, to the harder (and sometimes bizarre) purple group.

Yellow group signal: Carry a parcel.

Green group signal: Paint for your pout.

Blue group signal: predicament or dilemma.

Purple group signs: Bachelors or Masters.

Answers for today’s connection groups

Yellow group: Deliver as a package.

Green group: Types of lip makeup.

Blue group: Dilemma.

Purple group: It is measured in degrees.

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What are today’s Connections Answers?

Yellow words in today’s connections

The topic is deliver as a package. The four answers are mail, post, send, and ship.

Green words in today’s connections

The topic is types of lip makeup. The four answers are balm, gloss, liner, and stain.

Blue words in today’s connections

The topic is dilemma. The four answers are corner, fix, hole and place.

Purple words in today’s connections

The subject is measured in degrees. The four answers are angle, crime, education, and temperature.

How to play Connections

It’s easy to play. It’s hard to win. Look at 16 words and mentally assign them to corresponding groups of four. Click on the four words that you think go together. The groups are coded by color, although you don’t know what goes where until you see the answer. The yellow group is the easiest, then green, then blue, and purple is the hardest. Look at the words carefully, and think of related words. Sometimes the connection relates to only a part of the word. Once, four words were grouped because each word began with the name of a rock band, including “Rushmore” and “Journeyman.”


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