The best cooling sheets for summer nights, tested and reviewed (2024)


my summer sadness Waking up all night because I’m so hot. Nothing bothers me more than the heat, especially at night. Unfortunately hot nights are the price of escaping winter in Southern California, but some people just sleep hot, no matter the temperature or where they live. Heat can adversely affect the quality of your sleep, which can affect your health, so it’s important to stay cool at night; if you’re not looking to spend money on a cooling mattress, it might be worth considering a cooling sheet.

But what makes a good cooling sheet? Is Cooling sheets? These bedsheets typically improve air flow, trapping your body heat better than traditional cotton sheets. Linen is a popular choice and is quite breathable, while other materials have moisture-absorbent and temperature-regulating properties. After sleeping on nearly every sheet for weeks, I’ve concluded that linen and cotton percale make some of the best cooling sheets. But if you want a softer material (or hate percale like me), there are other options. (All prices are for queen size.)

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What are cooling sheets?

There’s a lot of terminology floating around in the world of cooling sheets and cooling mattresses. Temperature regulation! Air flow! Moisture absorption! Phase-change materials! In most cases, these features depend on how breathable the sheets are. Breathable means that moisture can evaporate better, and “temperature-regulating” usually means that the sheets are breathable enough to move heat and moisture away from your body.

Why are sheets breathable? Cotton, hemp, and bamboo sheets are breathable, but not all sheets are created equal, so material alone isn’t a guarantee. Knitsuch as percale’s one-to-one threads versus satin’s three-to-one, and weight The thickness of the bed sheets (including the thread count) is also important. Higher thread counts lead to less breathability, and denser weaves also lead to more breathability. The yarn within the fabric is also important, as is how twisted it is – more twist makes the fabric feel softer and cooler, while looser twists are not as smooth and can trap heat.

Some companies treat sheets with something called phase-change materials, or PCMs, which are substances that absorb and release energy to heat or cool an area. “PCMs create a micro-climate,” says Karen Lyons, a professor of textile science at North Carolina State University’s Wilson College of Textiles. Excess body heat is absorbed by these materials and then released into the body as it cools.

These treatments can increase the price of cooling sheets, but they’re not very popular yet, and it’s hard to determine how well it’s incorporated into the fabric. “PCMs undergo thermal cyclic testing and are known to last a long time,” says Leonas. “If it’s a surface treatment, there’s a chance that some of the microcapsules will be lost due to friction.” Pure Parima Ijaz, CEO of Pure Parima, agrees and says these treatments sometimes only last up to 10 washes. There are only a handful of sheets on the market that claim to use PCMs, and our guide focuses on breathable materials and weaves rather than these treatments. According to Leonas, it’s worth noting that PCMs will last much longer on a foam mattress. If you’re still sweating at night after switching to cooling sheets, consider using a cooling mattress.


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