The 14 best Bluetooth speakers our testers tried in 2024


The best bluetooth Speakers are very near and dear to our hearts, even as we’ve seen smart speakers improve their sound and portability. It’s convenient to ask an Amazon Echo or Google Nest speaker to play your favorite track or tell you the weather, but smart speakers require stable Wi-Fi and updates to do their best tricks. (Mostly) Voice assistants and Wi-Fi radios aside, Bluetooth speakers are ultra-portable, capable of roaming the world, and can withstand tough conditions like a sandy beach or a steamy Airbnb jacuzzi. They’ll work with any smartphone, and the top options sound just as good or better than the average smart speaker.

We’ve tested hundreds of Bluetooth speakers since 2017 (and many before that) and they keep improving every year. Here are our favorites. Be sure to check out all of our buying guides, including the best soundbars, the best wirefree earbuds, the best smart speakers, and the best bookshelf speakers.

Updated June 2024: We’ve updated our top picks to the latest version of the Ultimate Ears Boom, added the Braven Audio Braven X speaker, and added the Sony Alt Field 1 to the honorable mentions.

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