Spotify announces in-house creative agency, tests generative AI voiceover ads


Spotify announced on Thursday that it is moving into the advertising space with its first in-house creative agency called Creative Lab, which will help brands create custom marketing campaigns. The company said it will also begin testing generative AI ads.

The launch of Creative Lab shows that Spotify is stepping up its efforts to attract advertisers to its platform. This could potentially be an attractive offer for marketers, as they will be able to reach Spotify’s 615 million listeners.

Additionally, Spotify is working on a new AI tool for advertisers: “Quick Audio,” which enables brands to create scripts and voiceovers using generative AI. A company spokesperson told us this tool will soon be launched in Spotify ad managers.

Image Credit: Spotify

A Spotify executive previously said the company was considering using AI to create host-read ads for podcasters.

Brands will be able to work with the new Creative Lab team to create video and audio ads, in-app digital experiences, and other interactive ad formats like call-to-action (CTA) cards, the spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“Each campaign run by Creative Lab is customized to suit each specific brand and business need,” the spokesperson said.

Spotify used client Rockstar Energy Drink as an example, which launched a “Press Play” livestream concert series within the music streaming app featuring artists such as British rapper Stormzy. Another beverage company, Aperol, will also be a client of the Creative Lab.


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