Save up to $800 in Purple’s hot Fourth of July sale


If you’re looking for a new mattress to beat the heat of summer nights, sleep cool with the Purple. Our CNET sleep experts have been testing, reviewing and recommending the Purple mattress for a long time – senior producer and sleep writer Owen Poole has even slept on it for five years.

When you think of bed-in-a-box brands, Purple is likely one of the first names that comes to mind. OG fans may also remember the iconic 2018 Purple Boys ad for Ideal Sleep Solutions and Zonk Strategies, a quirky YouTube video ad that we sometimes still reference today.

Purple not only employs unique marketing strategies, but it also has something no other bedmaker on the market does: a patented hyper-elastic polymer GelFlex Grid. This gel-like substance is cushioning as well as supportive, supporting your pressure points and keeping your spine and neck straight.

A closer look at the hyper-elastic polymer grid that gives Purple its distinctively soft feel.

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It doesn’t trap body heat like GelFlex Grid foam and other materials commonly used in mattresses. While we wouldn’t consider it to be super actively cooling, its air channels do make the bed more breathable and keep you temperature regulated throughout the night.

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Purple’s Fourth of July Deals

Purple offers three mattress collections: Essentials, Restore Hybrid and Rejuvenate Luxe. This July 4, the brand is offering up to $800 off mattresses and bases depending on the bed you buy — the more expensive the mattress, the bigger the discount. It’s also offering 10% off pillows, sheets and bedding.

Essential Collection: Up to $400 off mattresses

You can get $100 off the flagship Purple mattress in its Essentials collection, bringing the queen price down to $1,399. You’ll save $200 if you pair it with Purple’s premium Smart Base, a customizable bedframe that costs $1,095 this Independence Day.

Restore Hybrid Collection: Up to $400 off mattresses

The next collection includes the Restore Hybrid mattress, which frequently appears on our best lists. Right now, you can find the queen-size Purple Restore Hybrid mattress for $300 off, dropping the price to $2,099. This bed comes in two firmness options: soft for side and combination sleepers and firm for back and stomach sleepers.

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Rejuvenate Luxe Collection: Mattresses up to $500

You can save $500 on any mattress from Purple’s highest-end bed, the Rejuvenate Luxe collection. That brings the price of the luxurious queen-size Purple Rejuvenate down from $5,495 to $4,995. If you want to invest in Purple’s most expensive and premium mattress, the Purple Rejuvenate Premier, you can save up to $800 by pairing it with the Smart Base. That brings the total price of the bundle down from $9,390 to $8,590.

screenshot-2024-06-24-at-6-44-13pm.png screenshot-2024-06-24-at-6-44-13pm.png

You can order Purple’s GelFlex Grid sample if you’re not sure about its feel.


Because of the cooling quilted comfort cover and dual foam layers on top of the GelFlex Grid in the Rejuvenate Luxe mattress, the squishy feel of the Purple Grid isn’t as noticeable compared to the mattresses in the other two collections – which could be a good or bad thing depending on your personal preferences. If you’re unsure about the Purple Grid, you can order a small sample of Purple Squishy for $3 to get a feel for it.

Purple Mattress Sale Pricing

mattress MSRP (Queen) Selling Price (Queen)
PurpleFlex $1,299 $999
Purple Original $1,499 $1,399
Purple Plus $1,899 $1,599
Purple Restore Hybrid $2,399 $2,099
Restore Plus Hybrid $2,999 $2,699
Restore Premiere Hybrid $3,699 $3,299
Purple rejuvenation $5,495 $4,995
Rejuvenation Plus $6,495 $5,995
Rejuvenation Premiere $7,495 $6,995

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