Save 20% on the Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven thanks to the Prime Day sale


Homemade pizzas are extremely underrated, and one of the main reasons they’re not more popular is the perception that pizza ovens are both expensive and intimidating. Many people shy away from the idea, thinking they need to invest in a bulky, expensive oven and master complicated techniques to get that perfect, crispy crust. This is where the Ooni Karoo 12 Outdoor Pizza Oven shines, available for 20% off this Prime Day, Retails for only $240,

This highly portable oven comes with a stylish design and a medium-sized cooking surface that can be great for your 12-inch pizza. Setting up the whole thing is quite simple, and once out of the box, the oven will take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to reach the ideal cooking temperature.

You can use it with both wood and charcoal, which most ovens in this range don’t. If neither of these work for you and you prefer a more modern method, the Ooni Karoo is also compatible with 12 gas burners, which are sold separately. Whichever method, your pizza will be ready in about a minute — literally.

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It is also quite versatile as you don’t have to limit yourself to cooking pizzas. The Ooni Karoo 12 can handle meat, fish and vegetables quite well too. Overall, if you love making pizzas for small parties, you won’t want to miss out on this offering.

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