Our favorite headphones for working out (2024)


“You’re always on the go,” a parent friend once said, looking at me as he swiftly disappeared across the horizon. As a working parent of two kids, I… don’t disagree. Glorious over-the-ear headphones are great if you mainly use headphones at work or for meetings, but for the rest of your life — exercising, traveling, or just moving around your house like you’re putting stuff away — you’ll probably want something a little more convenient and durable.

Sound, comfort, versatility, and features have all improved dramatically since I started testing workout headphones several years ago. I’m almost always wearing or keeping a pair of headphones around me throughout the day, whether I’m biking to and from work, running, rock climbing, or watching light yoga videos on my laptop in my bedroom. If you too need music or podcasts while climbing rocky slopes or mowing your lawn, here are a pair of WIRED’s favorite headphones. We’ve worn them all and sweated in them. Don’t find anything you like? Check out our best wirefree earbuds, best cheap headphones, best Bluetooth speakers, or any of our other buying guides for more.

Updated in June 2024: We added the Jabra Elite 8 Gen 2, Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarers, and Shokz OpenSwim Pro. We also updated the links and pricing.

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