MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener review: Quiet and fun to use


The garage on the app responds just as quickly as it does on a regular button clicker, with one caveat: selecting to close the garage with the app causes the garage to flash its lights and beep several times before it closes, and will continue to beep and flash until it closes. This is for safety reasons, as the garage does not know if anyone else is in the garage or if you are nearby when you are closing it, in order to ensure that the path to the garage is clear of anyone going in or out.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to not use the app. You can put the MyQ Smart Garage Video Keypad ($99) on the outside of your garage to lock it without any beeping and get the same experience as a video doorbell and smart lock, but for your garage. I tested one and it works fine — the key code is easy to set up and you can lock your garage beep-free, plus you get alerts just like a security camera outside your garage, but my experience using the call button was mixed. You also have to drill it into the exterior of your garage or house (MyQ says it’s too heavy to use adhesive strips), which my home’s HOA unfortunately forbade me from doing. Still, if you’re allowed to install it, it’s a good price for a combination lock and exterior video feed for your garage.

One hand holds a large white keypad with a camera on it

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The default owner of the MyQ (i.e., whoever first set it up in your home) also gets a flood of notifications every time the garage opens and closes, whether it’s through the app or your standard garage door button. In comparison, when you’re an additional user, you don’t get any notifications by default. Both parties can go into the app, select the gear icon on the garage door (or other MyQ product in question), and edit the notifications they get for the specific product.

I have mine and my husband’s phones set up so that we get a notification if our garage is open for more than 10 minutes, and I get a notification if it’s open for an hour. You can add more notifications, and you can even set it up to work with Amazon Key so deliveries can be made to your garage (and get a notification about that, too). I haven’t been able to convince my husband to use it, but the camera included in my model makes me feel comfortable trying it out.

Speaking of video, MyQ has storage subscription plans for its video products (the brand also has a video garage door opener, a video keypad, and a stand-alone camera). The first tier starts at $20 per year and goes up to $100 per year, and depending on which tier you choose you get additional features like face, person, and motion detection, detection zones, and seven or 30 days of storage.


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