Microsoft’s Windows 11 weather app will get a major update


Technology giant Microsoft is conducting a test Major Updates For Windows 11’s pre-installed weather app,

This update is expected to bring several notable changes to improve the user experience and make the app more intuitive.

Microsoft is testing a major update for the Windows 11 Weather app

Windows 11 New Weather App

Reliable Windows leaker @ChangeWindows revealed some new changes on X (formerly Twitter) that mainly relate to the home page, as follows:

Microsoft is testing a major update for the Weather app on WindowsMicrosoft is testing a major update for the Weather app on Windows

  • The two existing ad blocks will remain on the home page of the Weather app.
  • new design There is now a more on the top bar on the home page fluent-like design with round buttons and other stylistic elements.
  • Previously, the ability to choose between a light and dark theme for the Windows 11 Weather app interface was accessible from a pop-up menu, but now you can change the theme from the temperature unit selector pop-up and then the existing title bar button. This feature may not work as expected, but Microsoft may fix it in an upcoming update.
  • New navigation controls on the home page allow users to quickly jump to different sections of weather details without scrolling up and down.
  • A new light color theme has been introduced with fresh and pleasing color combinations.

Other than this, Some sections the weather app Updates,

Microsoft's Windows 11 weather app will get a major updateMicrosoft's Windows 11 weather app will get a major update

  • The “View Monthly” button replaces the “View Monthly Planner” button. It now scrolls down on the same page instead of opening a separate monthly overview page.
  • The “Weather Insights” section has been replaced by the “Weather Details” section, which will now show cloud cover, dew point temperature, wind, air quality index (AQI), visibility, moon phase, etc.

In addition, the new weather map section features a New set of controlswhich are given below:

  • Two new ad blocks have been added to the new Monthly section on the redesigned home page.
  • The last section on the home page is dedicated to weather trends, which shows historical weather data for a given location.

Apart from the homepage redesign, the Weather app remains the same. Microsoft is gradually rolling out the Weather app update, so some users may still need to get it. You can also download the MSN Weather app from the Microsoft Store for additional weather information.


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