Logitech’s new MX Ink Meta Quest is like a 3D Apple Pencil for artists


Creating 3D art in VR is already a The most useful things Meta’s Quest headset can do just that. A new Logitech stylus, the MX Ink, will make the process even more useful. The $130 wireless peripheral is Quest’s first official stylus accessory, and it’s coming this fall, coinciding with Meta’s Connect developer conference in late September.

The MX Ink looks like a thick black pen, but it has buttons on the sides and a replaceable nib. The wireless stylus is fully spatially trackable, allowing for full-motion 6DoF (degrees of freedom) work, much like Meta’s Quest controllers. The stylus also has its own haptics, and a pressure-sensitive tip for working on 2D surfaces. According to Logitech, the haptics also simulate the experience of drawing on a variety of surface materials. An included “inkwell” base stores the stylus when not in use.

Logitech created a previous VR stylus in 2019, but it required a PC headset and special external trackers to work. The MX Ink can connect to the self-contained Quest headset on the go.

Two hands holding a wireless stylus and a VR controller

The Logitech stylus is designed to work with the controller at the same time.


Drawing and sculpting is already possible in VR and AR using the controller included with the Quest headset, or with hand tracking. The stylus’ added haptics and pressure sensitivity could make it a lot more useful for artists, though, as it will also act as a third paired device while both controllers are still functional: you can swap between controller and stylus, or use one in each hand. It’s also compatible with several existing Quest apps: Adobe Substance Modeler, Gravity Sketch, PaintingVR, Arkio, Engage.io, OpenBrush, GestureVR, ShapesXR, and Eleusis by RealizeMedical.

Works with MX Inc. Search 2 And Search 3Also the “headset of the future,” according to Logitech’s press release. Meta is expected to release a more affordable version of its Quest 3 mixed reality-enabled VR headset in the fall, possibly with this stylus as well. At $130, it’s practically the same price as Apple’s Pencil Pro, but unlike the Pencil Pro, it actually works as a 3D tool in mixed reality. Maybe Apple will eventually make its own product in this area, but for now, Logitech and Meta XR are the leaders in state of the art peripherals.

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