Lenovo introduces energy efficiency-focused AI solution for enterprises


Lenovo on Wednesday unveiled the sixth generation of its Neptune liquid cooling technology that will support artificial intelligence (AI) computing. The solution focuses on energy efficiency and uses a recycled loop of hot water to cool data centre systems and server components. It also highlighted its enterprise-grade AI Centre of Excellence and AI innovator solutions for India and claimed it can help businesses across a wide range of industries such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, finance and others.

Lenovo’s AI solutions for Indian enterprises

In a newsroom post, the Chinese consumer technology brand introduced the latest generation of its Neptune liquid cooling technology. It claims that this solution can support AI businesses running server racks over 100KW without the need for special data center air conditioning. The company says it can achieve 98 percent heat dissipation using its hot water loop.

The company said that water cooling can enable AI servers to achieve sustained high performance without reaching thermal limits. The company claimed that this system is also more environmentally friendly than traditional air-cooled systems.

Apart from this, Lenovo also highlighted its AI offerings for Indian enterprises. In a press release (via Analytics India Magazine), the company listed over 165 AI-powered solutions for various sectors. Some of these include Smart Virtual Assistant for customer service operations, Smart Travel which is an automated anti-bird strike solution, Smart Manufacturing which is a video-based analytics tool for workplace safety and efficiency, and more.

In addition, Lenovo is also offering its expanded AI Center of Excellence that provides a range of services to guide enterprises through the AI ​​deployment process. These include advisory services, AI Fast Start for Nvidia NIMS, and more. According to the press release, these AI solutions for Indian businesses were developed in collaboration with Nvidia.


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