How to use Samsung DeX and turn your phone into a desktop computer


Your Samsung Galaxy The phone doesn’t just work as a phone: Thanks to a feature called Samsung DeX, which has been around since 2017, you can connect your handset to a monitor or computer and use your phone just like a desktop PC. DeX stands for “desktop experience,” and that’s exactly what the feature promises.

There are a few caveats. You need a recent, fairly premium Samsung phone or tablet to use DeX: Here’s the full list, but any Galaxy S phone, Galaxy Fold phone, or Galaxy Flip phone launched since DeX launched in 2017 will work.

You’ll also need a cable to connect your phone (or tablet) to the monitor, and an additional mouse and keyboard if you want to get a proper desktop experience. (You can use DeX on your phone’s display, but you don’t really get the full benefit of it).

Although you’ll still be running the same mobile apps as you would on your phone, the extra screen real estate gives you a lot more room to work, whether you’re browsing the web or working on a spreadsheet. DeX can be really useful for getting some work done on the go, but it’s also perfect for watching movies or scrolling through social media feeds.

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There are several ways to enable Samsung DeX, but the two main methods are to connect your device to a monitor via HDMI or to a Windows PC via USB. (Support for macOS has been discontinued, unfortunately.) While the hardware setup is slightly different, you’ll get the same software experience on the monitor.

If you’re doing everything on your phone without a PC, you’ll need a cable (or a cable and an adapter) that converts the USB-C output from your Samsung phone to an HDMI input on your monitor. Any USB-C-to-HDMI cable listing will let you know if it’s suitable for this task. For the full experience, you’ll also need a monitor with additional USB ports to plug in your keyboard and mouse.

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Samsung DeX can work on laptops and large screens.

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