HMD is working on another phone inspired by Nokia Lumia


Earlier this month, there were reports that Nokia smartphone maker HMD Global was working on a new mobile device that could have a design reminiscent of the classic Nokia Lumia line.

Not only this, a leak has also revealed that the company’s the upcoming The Android smartphone inspired by the Nokia Lumia line-up will be called HMD Skyline.

HMD is working on another phone inspired by Nokia Lumia

HMD is working on another phone inspired by Nokia LumiaHMD is working on another phone inspired by Nokia Lumia

Now it appears that HMD It is possible Work has begun on the second Skyline device, HMD Skyline G2The reveal was made by reliable leaker @smashx_60, who is known for his HMD-related information.

At the moment, it is unclear whether the HMD Skyline G2 is a direct successor to the first Skyline or a completely different device. HMD has not yet officially shared any information about the first Skyline device, so the launch of the G2 may still be quite far away.

With the G2, HMD aims to appeal to photographers. The leaker says that like the first Skyline, the G2 is also rumoured to have a triple camera setup at the back, with four possible configurations for the camera system. One of the possible configurations also includes a 200MP primary camera.

All the setups may also include telephoto, ultrawide and Time of Flight (ToF) sensors to improve the photography experience. However, the exact configuration of the cameras for the G2 is not yet known.

As can be seen from above, the most prominent difference between the original Skyline handset and the G2 are the display bezels. Where the first Skyline featured a prominent chin and relatively thin bezels on the sides and top, the G2 model has larger bezels on both the top and bottom, giving it a more dated look.

At the moment, there is very little information about the hardware, software, and release date of the HMD Skyline G2. Keep watching this space for more updates, as we expect more leaks or official announcements about the device in the near future.


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