Google’s repair policy has been violated


Closeup of cracks in the tablet's frame

Photo: Simon Hill

Pixel imperfect

The greatest thing about the lack of repair options is that Google knows how to handle it properly. If your Pixel breaks, you can get it fixed.

“Repair options include mail-in service, walk-in repairs at authorized locations, and even DIY repairs with official parts and guides provided by our partner iFixit,” Nickel told WIRED in an email. “Our repair support site, located here, is the best entry point for help.”

You can find genuine parts for everything from the Pixel 2 to the new Pixel 8A from iFixit. If you don’t know, the iFixit website is a great resource for people who want to fix their own gadgets. It offers parts, repair kits, and video tutorials, and the company consults with many major manufacturers, including Microsoft, Fairphone, Logitech, HP, and Lenovo, to make their devices more repairable.

Currently, iFixit provides official parts for Google, HTC, Fairphone, Motorola, Teenage Engineering, Vaude, and Valve devices. However, the repair company recently ended its partnership with Samsung due to no follow-up from the electronics giant, although iFixit still provides repair kits for Samsung devices.

Apple maintains tight control over its repairs, staunchly opposing unauthorized third-party repair shops or proper support for amateur home repairs, although it has recently conceded a bit of ground on iPhone parts. Still, iFixit also offers kits for many Apple devices. Still, Apple will at least fix your broken devices, even if it charges a premium.

Nickell says Google provides replacement parts to DIY support partners such as iFixit where possible, and it hopes to improve repairability for its gadgets, although this seems to be driven by legislation. While the right-to-repair movement has gained some ground, the effect of federal legislation in the US and UK is still to be seen, and tech companies continue to resist, leading many campaigners to feel this is a minimal effort.


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