Elden Ring: How to start the Shadows of the Aardtree DLC


The Elden Ring DLC, Shadows of the Aardtree, has been publicly released. At its $40 price, players get the chance to jump into a new area with more weapons, bosses, and secrets to uncover. But getting into the DLC is a little complicated once you’re in the game, so here’s how to start Elden Ring: Shadows of the Aardtree.

First, you’ll need to purchase and install Shadow of the Erdtree for your platform (PC, XBox Series X/S, PS5). But you can’t access the DLC through the main menu – instead, you’ll need to reach a specific area and defeat two optional bosses to earn the right to enter the DLC.

We’ll explain in detail below, but the TL;DR for accessing the DLC is: defeat Starscourge Radahn and Mohog, Lord of Blood, then in the Mohgvin Palace Arena where you’ve defeated the latter, touch the withered hand hanging from the egg. Boom, you’ve accessed the DLC.

But before jumping into Shadows of the Aardtree, make sure you’re ready. Early reviews of the DLC have noted its difficulty, even higher than the base game – which is great for players eager for a challenge, but you have to be prepared.

First, FromSoftware recommends players get their characters to level 120-150 before attempting the DLC. During our preview, we were given pre-made level 150 characters with fully upgraded weapons, and we were still challenged.

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Speaking of weapon upgrades, you’ll want to make your best weapons as good as possible before heading into the Lands of Shadow in the DLC. To do this, you’ll need regular and Sober Smithing Stones – be sure to get or buy enough of them by securing all the Minor Bell Bearings that allow you to purchase Smithing and Sober Stones around the Elden Ring. It’s a good idea to stock up on Smithing Stones, as you’ll want to upgrade some of the over 100 new weapons you’ll find in the DLC.

And if it’s been a while since you dropped in on Elden Ring, you’ll want to re-familiarize yourself with the game’s combat, weapons, items, talismans, armor, and builds. Assuming you’re all set, here’s how to access the DLC.

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A wizard in the foreground summons a burning ball that explodes in front of a tall troll enemy. A wizard in the foreground summons a burning ball that explodes in front of a tall troll enemy.

From the software

How to access the Elden Ring DLC

As mentioned above, you can’t access the DLC from the menu – you’ll have to find it within the game. Before you can do this, you’ll need to defeat two bosses: Starscourge Radahn and Mohog, Lord of Blood.

Starscourge Radahan can be found earlier in the game in the region of Calide, just east of the starting area of ​​Limgrave. You’ll need to travel to the southeastern edge of Calide and pass by Redmane Castle. You’ll need to activate any of the Altus Plateau’s Grace Sites or advance Ranni’s Questline to chat with its associated non-player characters, according to Fextralife, to confirm that the castle is holding its own Radahan Festival, inviting combatants to challenge Radahan — including you, the Tarnished. Head past the gathered NPCs and speak to Jahren, then head to the chapel and take the elevator to the Waygate teleporter.

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Mohog, the Lord of Blood, is difficult to find, and is located far away in the game. The easiest way to get to the Mohgvin Palace, where Mohg lives, is to follow the NPC White Mask Warre’s sidequest, which involves either participating in player-versus-player combat and invading several other players’ games or defeating an NPC. Completing the quest gives you an item, the Pureblood Knights Medal, which you can use to get into the Mohgvin Palace.

If you’re PvP-averse, the other way to Mohagwyn Palace is via a waygate teleporter in the Consecrated Snowfields area, itself located far into the game once you’ve located both parts of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and presented it in the Grand Lift of Rold. The teleporter to Mohagwyn Palace is located on the western edge of the Consecrated Snowfields area. Look around for Lesser Runebears and, once you reach the spot where you’re attacked by a Sanguine Noble NPC, head west and drop down from there.

Once you reach Mohagwine’s castle, you’ll have to make your way around the swamps, dodge some dangerous summoned giant skeletons, and reach the tomb. You’ll have to defeat or bump into a horde of slow-moving zombies that die from a blood explosion, then go through a dark tunnel in which even more dangerous Sanguine Noble enemies will appear. Finally, you’ll reach an elevator that will take you to Mohag’s boss arena. Defeat him and approach the cocoon containing the hanging hand, which belongs to Miquela’s body, who left her flesh behind when traveling to the Land of Shadows. Touch the hand and you’ll reach the DLC.

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