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Whether you just got your first Amazon Echo device or you’ve been using Alexa for years, the smart home device and virtual assistant are easy to use. You can quickly learn how to Use your Echo to call someoneHow to do Connect Alexa to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Even more How to use Alexa in the kitchen, There are other Alexa settings you may want to explore for a more customized experience.

No matter which Alexa device you have — an Amazon Echo Dot, a compact Echo Flex, a thicker Echo Studio or a smart display like the Echo Show 15 — there are many customizations to make Alexa more useful. A few small changes can make a big difference. For example, you might want to automatically update your privacy settings Deleting recordings and turning off settings This allows Amazon employees to listen to those recordings.

Read on for the six Amazon Echo settings I found most useful.

1. Update your Amazon Echo privacy settings

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One of the first concerns of owning an Echo speaker is privacy. Luckily, Amazon is Applying more privacy settingsThat includes updates to both Ring and Echo products.

You can delete your entire voice recording history. To do this, open the Alexa app and go to Adjustment , alexa privacy , voice review History, Next, tap the down arrow next to Displayed and then the arrow next to filter by date, then tap complete history , Delete all my recordings.

You can also prevent Amazon employees from listening to your voice recordings. In the Alexa app, go to Adjustment , alexa privacy , Manage your Alexa data. Select from here Choose how long to save the recording , Do not save Recording , confirm. Next, scroll down Help improve Alexaand turn off the switch use of voice recording,

For more security tips on your smart home devices, read our Privacy guide on how to keep Amazon, Google and Apple out of your conversations,

Look at this: Alexa gets new features to make it a better listener

2. Enable Brief Mode on your Amazon Echo

When you ask Alexa to do something, like play a song or turn on the lights, Alexa will say something like, “Okay, turning on the lights.” This will help you determine why Alexa did something if it wasn’t what you asked. If you don’t want Alexa to repeat what you just said, you can change that setting so that it plays a short sound instead of a voice response.

To do this, open the Alexa app More menu and select Adjustment, Under the Alexa Preferences section, tap voice responsesthen switch on short mode,

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Turn on Brief Mode so that your Echo plays a short sound instead of a sound response.

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3. Set up your favorite music streaming service

When you set up your Amazon Echo, the music service is set to Amazon Music by default. If you use Spotify, Apple Music, or another streamer, you may want to link your Echo to it.

Go Adjustment , Music & Podcasts, Then link to a service. On the same page, tap Default Services and switch to your preferred music provider. Now when you say, “Alexa, play music” the Echo will play from the music streaming service of your choice. Note that you can select a default for family or personal listening.

4. Change the wake word from Alexa

If TV commercials keep triggering your Amazon Echo when you say “Alexa,” you can change the wake word to one that’s less likely to trigger the speaker. Other traditional options are Computer, Echo, and Amazon, but are Several new awakening word additions you can use like ziggy And hey, disney,

If you want to make a change, just say, “Alexa, change the wake word” and make your selection. You can also open the Alexa app, go to Adjustment , device settings. Select your device, then tap Adjustment icon and select Wake up words to make a choice. Unfortunately, you can’t think of your own name for the speaker, like “Tallulah” or “Digital Overlord.”

5. Enable Voice Purchasing on Your Amazon Echo

You don’t always have time to search for something like toilet paper on Amazon. That’s why it can be helpful to set up voice purchasing on your Amazon Echo, so Alexa can order products for you.

To get started, you’ll need to turn on voice ordering and 1-click ordering. Open the Alexa app and navigate Adjustment , account settings , sound shopping , Purchasing Control , Choose who can make purchases, For example, you can set up a voice code or profile so that you can only make purchases when you type a four-digit code.

6. Set up a household profile on your Amazon Echo

If you have multiple people in your household, you’ll want to set up voice profiles for each member using the Echo speaker. This will help Alexa learn your voice and distinguish you from others in the house. To create a voice profile, go to Adjustment , Your profile and family , voice id and follow the onscreen prompts.

You can ask “Alexa, who am I?” You can make sure your voice profile is set up correctly by asking. The voice assistant will say, “I’m talking to (your name).”

If you have any favorite customizations and settings, share them in the comments. Now that you’ve updated these six Echo settings, here they are Five creative uses for your Amazon Echo device, Five essential tips for your new Echo device and CNET A roundup of every Alexa command you can give right now,


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