Bumble users can now report profiles that use AI-generated photos


Bumble is asking its users to help keep the dating app free of AI-generated profiles. On Tuesday, the company introduced a new reporting option that enables members to report profiles if they suspect someone may be using AI-generated photos and videos.

Now when a user wants to report a profile, he can choose “Fake Profile” and then select the “Using AI-generated photos or videos” option. Other reporting options include inappropriate content, underage users, scams, and use of someone else’s photos, etc.

Bumble’s new reporting option comes at a time when AI-generated photos are unfortunately common on dating apps and are often used to deceive or dupe others. With the click of a button, you can make matches think you own a yacht and have chiseled abs. Bumble hopes the new reporting option will help prevent people from using AI to cheat.

Image Credit: Bumble

“An essential part of creating a space for making meaningful connections is removing any elements that are deceptive or dangerous,” said Risa Stein, Bumble’s vice president of product, in a statement provided to TechCrunch. “We’re committed to continually improving our technology to ensure that Bumble is a safe and trustworthy dating environment. By introducing this new reporting option, we can better understand how bad actors and fake profiles are using AI dishonestly so our community feels confident making connections.”

The new reporting option comes after Bumble launched an AI tool called “Deception Detector,” which uses AI and human moderation to detect and remove fake profiles, spammers, and scammers. Since launching the feature in February, Bumble claims there has been a 45% decrease in member reports of spam, scams, and fake profiles. Bumble also has an AI-powered “Private Detector” tool that automatically blurs nude photos.

While Bumble is fighting AI-generated profiles, the company’s founder Whitney Wolfe Herd has some interesting ideas for this technology. During an interview, Herd said that the future of online dating could be where an AI “dating concierge” or assistant will go on hundreds of dates on your behalf and find the perfect match. We’re not sure how many people would agree with this idea, but everyone has their own opinion.


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