Best Seafood Delivery Services for 2024


A hand-signed card placed on top of a seafood delivery A hand-signed card placed on top of a seafood delivery

The Fulton Fish Market has the best fish and seafood available on the internet.

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We analyze each service’s overall menu and seafood selection, although more choices are not always better. Quality is valued more than quantity, especially considering that some services specialize in a particular variety such as salmon, sushi-grade fish or fresh lobster. We look at how easy it is to select seafood and how simple the ordering process is. We also take into account the level of transparency provided about fish and seafood, including transparency related to sustainability. Some services offer detailed traceability of their products while others provide little information about the origin of fish and seafood.

Testing seafood delivery services is largely anecdotal experience, but we’ve ordered at least one shipment of fish from every service on this list, often two or three deliveries. The biggest concern is freshness, so we take care to smell, cook, and taste every piece of fish sent from every service. If there’s a substandard piece of seafood, we’ll note it. We also check for any signs of inadequate packaging.

mixed frozen seafood in box mixed frozen seafood in box

We check to see if the fish is still frozen (if it should be) and if there has been any leakage or cross-contamination.

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Premature defrosting, melting ice and cross-contamination are big concerns in seafood shipments, so we look for well-sealed fish that is completely frozen upon arrival. If it’s a fresh seafood delivery, we make sure the ice packs or frozen cooler bags are not melted or damaged and that the fish is still cold to the touch.


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