Best 4th of July TV sales: Save up to $700 on Toshiba, LG, Samsung, Sony and other top brands


A new TV makes a huge difference to your everyday TV viewing habits. It turns a normal TV show into a blockbuster with today’s technology. The only problem is the cost barrier, so thankfully the Fourth of July sale is almost here, ready to knock hundreds of dollars off the typical asking price. Whether it’s Samsung, Sony, LG, Hisense, Insignia, Amazon Fire TV or anyone else, we’re gathering the best TV deals to take advantage of in the coming days.

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Best 4th of July TV sales

Upgrade your home entertainment system without spending a lot of money. Stay updated on 4th of July TV sales to get the best screen at the best price.

Best 4th of July TV sales

Keep checking back regularly as most of these deals are limited-time, meaning they won’t last long or could disappear when supplies run out.

4th of July TV sales


Samsung’s TU690T 65-inch model has a record-low price, which comes with the TV maker’s Crystal 4K processor. This is the cheapest model ever and it’s only available at this price through Best Buy.


A limited-time deal on Amazon has this Insignia 65-inch Fire TV available at the lowest price ever at the retailer. A 33% discount brings it down to less than $300. This is a great deal for a TV with an LED 4K display and Alexa voice remote.


A massive $700 discount has brought LG’s entry-level OLED to an even more affordable price. With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support and a 120Hz refresh rate, you can expect great picture quality.


For a limited time, this amazing Toshiba model is being sold at the lowest price ever at the retailer as part of a flash deal. That’s a 31% discount which equates to a savings of $200 on this massive 75-inch Fire TV with Alexa voice remote and access to all the latest streaming services.

TV sales were higher on the Fourth of July

Should I buy a TV on the Fourth of July?

TV deals run throughout the year, but July 4th is the biggest discount on any day other than Black Friday. Last year’s models are likely to get some pretty big discounts, and we expect to find deals on 2024 models as well, since they’ve been around for a short time. And if you missed it, Amazon Prime Day is coming up, which will also offer some great TV deals.

What else is on sale during the Fourth of July?

Fourth of July sales are discounting all sorts of things, not just TVs. So for a short time before and after the big day, we’ll be breaking down the biggest discounts on smart home tech, appliances, grills, mattresses, and more.

How we pick the best TV deals for the Fourth of July

Many of us at CNET have covered shopping events for the past five years, including Black Friday, Prime Day, Memorial Day and countless other sales. In that time, we’ve learned how to spot the best deals among the thousands of superficial offers and scams, and we only surface the best offers from trusted retailers.

We look at actual discounts, quality reviews and remaining sale time when choosing the smart home deals to show you. We have a team of dedicated experts who have tested hundreds of TVs to ensure we’re only bringing you the best of the best.

  • Genuine discounts mean exactly that. We check the pricing history for products on sale so we know when it’s a case of the manufacturer inflating the suggested price rather than real savings.
  • Quality reviews and testing are very important for any product, especially when it comes to devices used in your private spaces. If the discount makes the product experience substandard, then the discount is pointless, no matter how much you save.
  • The time left on a sale is a big part of our vetting process. Some deals are only available for a short time or may have limited supply. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know upfront so you don’t get disappointed and miss the deal later.


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