Amazon retires its Astro for Business security robot after just 7 months


Amazon has decided to discontinue its Astro for Business device, a security robot for small and medium-sized businesses, just seven months after it launched.

The reason for putting Astro for Business on the shelf, according to an email sent to customers and employees on Wednesday, seen by TechCrunch, is simple: Amazon wants to focus on its home version of Astro. Launching in 2021, the home version offers home security, pet locating, message delivery, a cargo bin capable of carrying up to 4.4 pounds, and more.

“We remain fully committed to our vision of bringing world-class consumer robotics solutions to the home,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a prepared statement. “To accelerate our progress and ongoing research to make Astro the best in-home robot, we’ve decided to discontinue support for Astro for Business. We’re excited about the in-home experiences we’re inventing with Astro, and look forward to sharing more in the future.”

The Astro for Business robots will no longer be working as of Sept. 25. The company has advised customers to recycle the security robots through Amazon’s recycling program, which will cover shipping costs.

While the company didn’t specify how many business customers were affected by the shutdown, it’s clear there weren’t enough customers for Amazon to continue investing in these devices.

The Astro for Business robot, which cost $2,350, was accompanied by three subscription plans. The “Astro Secure” subscription, which cost $60 a month, offered features such as programming routines. Amazon also offered two optional subscriptions, allowing users to pay $20 a month for features such as a ring alarm and motion detector, and an additional $99 a month for human agent assistance and monitoring.

Effective immediately, companies will no longer be charged the “Astro Secure” subscription fee. Amazon has also announced a $300 credit for affected customers, which can be used to support a replacement solution for your workplace. Additionally, customers will be refunded for any unused, pre-paid Astro Secure fees.


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