Amazon reportedly working on a multimodal AI chatbot to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT


Amazon is reportedly working on developing an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that could take on OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The company’s internal project is said to be code-named Metis. According to the report, the chatbot under development will be able to perform all the common tasks of generative AI such as creating text content, answering questions, and more. It will also reportedly support image generation and have access to the internet. The report further claims that the new AI platform could be launched in September 2024, around the time when Amazon hosts its annual Devices and Services event.

Amazon may soon launch its own AI chatbot

According to a Business Insider report, the e-commerce giant aims to compete directly with ChatGPT with its own in-house AI model. Citing people familiar with the project, the publication claims that the project is codenamed Metis, after the Greek goddess of wisdom, prudence, and deep thought. The chatbot is being designed to be accessed via a web browser, similar to most popular AI chatbots.

Based on an internal document obtained by the publication, it claimed that the Metis chatbot will be powered by the company’s in-house AI model Olympus. It is said to be more advanced than the existing Titan Large Language Model (LLM) that powers some of Amazon’s products.

In its functionality, the AI ​​chatbot is said to be capable of performing text-based tasks such as having conversations, answering questions, and creating content. Additionally, according to the report, it can also prepare images. This suggests that Metis will use a multimodal AI model. Notably, ChatGPT cannot prepare images, but users can get a subscription to Dall-E and use it through ChatGPT.

Metis will use a retrieval-enhanced generative AI framework

The Metis chatbot will reportedly operate on the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) AI framework. This mechanism improves the quality of responses by using a combination of text generation and information retrieval from large datasets. It is said that the chatbot will be able to access and retrieve information from the internet.

For example, it will be able to show stock price updates in near real-time, which is difficult for many AI chatbots. However, both the GPT-4o-powered ChatGPT and Gemini can do this.

The report claims that this project is being developed by the company’s Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) division, which is led by Senior Vice President and Head Scientist Rohit Prasad. At the same time, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is also said to be very involved in this project.

The report highlights that some employees are concerned that Amazon is joining the AI ​​chatbot race too late, which is already getting very crowded.


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