7 lesser known features of Google Maps


Hover the cursor over Layers panel (bottom right), then click BikingThe map will then adjust the way it marks routes for cyclists, with different types of lines for trails, dedicated bike lanes, bicycle-friendly roads, and unpaved paths.

Add your location

There are some places that may be private to you – picnic areas, common parking spaces, park benches, friend’s house – that are not marked as public on Google Maps. If they’re not marked, they’re harder to reach when searching or navigating.

You can fix this by creating your own location: Tap and hold a location in the mobile app to drop a pin, then drag the info card and select Add labelsThese labels then appear as flags on the map in search results and in your saved places.

Remember where you parked your car

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Never lose your parking space again.

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There’s no need to waste time looking for your car after a long day of work. Google Maps can remember it for you. When you’ve parked your car, tap the blue dot on the map in the mobile app, then select Save on parking From the pop-up panel.

When it’s time to return, search for “parking” in the app to see the label created. You can also move around the map to find the “You parked here” flag – tap on it and you can get directions to the exact location.

Report an accident on the road

Help your fellow Google Maps users by reporting accidents that occur during your trip: If you’re in navigation mode in the mobile app, tap the icon on the right (a plus sign inside a search bubble), then choose one of the options listed.

These options actually vary by country, but you should look into crash is one of them. (Road construction, congestion, and stalled vehicles are also sometimes listed.) If Google Maps receives enough of these individual reports, an alert will appear for everyone on the map.

Answer questions about places

Android screenshot

Ask a question to help other Google Maps users.

Courtesy of David Nield

The social and community aspects of Google Maps are often overlooked, but you can find them through this. contribute Tap the tab in the mobile app. Contribute Now And you can answer some simple yes or no questions about places you’ve visited recently.

Maps will ask you about the place’s opening hours, whether there is valet parking, accessible entrances, etc. Remember that one day you might be grateful that someone else made this kind of contribution, because they helped you on your own trip.


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